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Even local people  
If you want to know about truly delicious dried sweet potatoes,
Since there are only a few, if you are from another prefecture
I think it's even more difficult to understand.
We actually ate it
Dried sweet potatoes that I thought were really delicious
I want everyone across the country to eat it.
We are selling it.

customer's voice

Mr. K

I was surprised by the very high quality packaging! I’m looking forward to eating it (^ ^)

thank you very much.

Mr. Y

Last time, I finished it in no time, so I was looking forward to it (;^_^

This time it was beautiful and delicious.

Also, thank you for your consideration in adding sticky notes to help me understand the two types!

It looks like it's going to run out again soon, so I hope you'll take care of it.

Ⅰ 様

It arrived safely today.

I took a little bit right away and it was very rich and I was very satisfied (^_^)

I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Mr. K

When I opened the box, I said, "Seriously!" lol

That's amazing~ (;▽;) The offering super grandpa will be happy...I'm fighting the drool.

Maruboshi is dangerous. Everyone is so hot lol!!(*'▽`*)Thank you so much for your continued kindness(*^^*)​

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Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: Closed days



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