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Honey Sweet Soft Beni Haruka Dried Potatoes 400g

Honey Sweet Soft Beni Haruka Dried Potatoes 400g

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[Product features]

Beniharuka dried sweet potatoes from Ibaraki Prefecture, 400g per bag


A long-selling, popular product!

This dried sweet potato has an exquisite texture that is neither too soft nor too hard, and you will never get tired of it.

With its beautiful golden color and just the right amount of sweetness, it's perfect for a snack 😋


*Because this is a natural food, it will contain a fair amount of potatoes that are hard, soft, stringy, or have poor color.


"It's a natural food with no sugar or additives."


[Product points]

✅Prevents stickiness, uses film

✅Uses special bags to suppress mold growth

✅Includes storage bag with zipper


[Storage method]

To enjoy the product for as long as possible, please store it in the refrigerator after it arrives.


【expiration date】

About 60 days


【shipping method】

Yamato Transport (Nekopos shipping)

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