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[Selected S product] ​Soft flat dry 400g

[Selected S product] ​Soft flat dry 400g

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[Product features]

・Beniharuka from Ibaraki Prefecture, flat dried 400g

These dried sweet potatoes have the gentle sweetness of sweet potatoes and are soft and have just the right texture.

Also perfect as a gift!

This is a long-selling product.


"It's a natural food with no sugar or additives."


[Our product points]

✅Prevents stickiness, includes film

✅Special bags used to prevent mold growth

✅Zipper bag convenient for storage


[Storage method]

Please store it in the refrigerator after arrival so that it can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.


【expiration date】

About 60 days


【shipping method】

Sagawa Express delivery (normal temperature delivery)

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